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Investments & Outcomes

Campus Real Estate Solutions, LLC

The business model for Campus Real Estate Solutions includes the acquisition and development of corporate leased and speculative properties, as well as brokerage, property management, construction and consulting services on a select basis. The company focuses primarily on the real estate needs and assets of Education providers.

Fisker Automotive, Inc.

Fisker Automotive was conceived after Henrik Fisker and Bernhard Koehler had surveyed the existing automotive landscape and assessed it was built on a foundation defined by limitation. At that time, environmentally friendly cars were associated with compromise, which meant poor performance, limited range and unattractive design. In 2007, Fisker and Koehler, who share more than 50 years of combined experience in the automotive world, founded Fisker Automotive and created a new segment of luxury and environmentally friendly cars. Fisker’s mission is to build an innovative eco-driven company that redefines and reshapes how the world thinks about cars.


Enforcer eCoaching, Inc

Enforcer eCoaching Inc. is a Cleveland start-up that offers email-based health coaching and wellness programs founded by Dr. Michael Roizen, head of Cleveland Clinic.

Fullbridge, Inc.

The Fullbridge Program prepares motivated, high-potential college and university students and recent graduates to successfully transition between traditional education and the complex demands of the modern workplace.

Starck Documentary

The Starck Project is film investment and the story of the infamous Stark Club in Dallas. Stark was the epicenter for 1980s counterculture. The film stared Larry Hagman. The STARCK CLUB embodied the excess-fueled ethos of the time and achieved world-wide international appeal. The goal is to produce an award-winning documentary as we did with our previous film TV JUNKIE. The film was awarded a Special Jury Prize at Sundance 2006 and was part of HBO’s Addiction Series which received the Governor’s Award, at the Emmy® Awards.

SLC Angels Blue Roof, LLC

SLC Angels Blue Roof offers handyman services and light home improvement including attic cleaning and insulation, bathroom tub and tile repair, drywall service, tile installation, deck building, carpentry, door and window installation, ceiling fan installation and general electrical work.

Primus Fund VI LP

Founded in 1983, Primus invests in established middle-market companies in the business services, healthcare and education industries. Primus partners with experienced management teams to accelerate growth and improve the operating performance of the companies in which we invest. The types of transactions we pursue include buyouts, control and minority recapitalizations, secondary share purchases and expansion financings. This flexible investment strategy enables Primus to engage with business owners based on their specific capital needs and contribute to their success.

Riverside RCAF V LP

The Riverside Company is one of the largest and oldest global private equity firms investing in companies with enterprise values of under $200 million. The firm’s global portfolio includes more than 70 companies. Since its founding in 1988, Riverside has invested in more than 300 transactions.

ATI Career Training Center

For more than three decades, ATI Schools and Colleges has operated schools throughout Texas, Florida, New Mexico, Arizona, and Oklahoma with the primary objective of preparing its graduates for rewarding careers. These exciting employment opportunities include such fields as health care, personal fitness and wellness, business technology, information technology, automotive repair, air conditioning and refrigeration repair, and welding. Upon exiting in 2009, we had more than a 10X cash on cash return.

American Institutes, Inc.

American Institute’s family of schools includes locations in Florida, Connecticut, and New Jersey. The group covers such brands as the American Institute College of Health Professions, American Institute, American Institute School of Health Careers, and the Fox Institute. American Institute offers a wide range of programs with an emphasis on advanced allied health programs and state-of-the-practice, online delivery of curriculum blended with convenient lab instruction. (Vice-Chairman of the Board)

Lightfire Partners, LLC

Lightfire Partners offers a diverse portfolio of services and solutions to clients who are committed to excellence and changing peoples’ lives through the products or services it offer. LightFire has positioned itself as a talented and aggressive force in inquiry generation, traditional and interactive media, creative services, telephony solutions and marketing strategy.

EdExperts, LLC

EdExperts was a marketing company designed to support ATI holdings, American Institutes, Inc., and other education companies. Upon exiting in 2010, Stone Mountain Global Investment Group had better than a 10X cash on cash return.

The Marketing Authority, LLC

The Marketing Authority, LLC is a full-service, business-to-consumer marketing, advertising and public relations firm that retains premier clients, vendors and strategic partnerships to offer unparalleled quality and innovation.
(Founder and Senior Partner)

DFW Solar Electric, LLC

DFW Solar Electric believes in making solar energy affordable and available for everyone in North Texas. Solar energy is stable, clean and renewable, and allows us to be good stewards of our environment.

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